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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Whether you celebrate the Christmas season or not, I am sure you take the time to celebrate those whom you love and feel blessed to know.  Here is hoping that 2011 was a great year for you and 2012 is even better. 
Thank you to my friends, family and clients, for reading my newsletters and supporting me these past 3.5 years.

Health and Happiness to you!
Solray D Spray
Time to stock up on your Solray D Spray!  Those of you who know it, love it.  Those who don't, should.
Email or call to order  $40 plus tax.

1 spray daily lasts 375 days
5 sprays daily lasts 75 days

Vitamin K2 (MK-7) and Vitamin D3 in Solray-D are in

proper ratios to mutually support their synergistic balance
requirements. 1000IU D3 requires 120mcg K2 (MK-7) to
insure balance and direction.
Nanosphere liposomes ensure that the highest concentrations
reach the binding sites (e.g., liver, kidneys, bone,
heart and "other soft tissues").
Fat-soluble Vitamin D3 is converted by the kidneys into
the hormone calcitriol, the activated form of Vitamin D3
which affects a variety of target tissues including bone,
intestine, muscle, brain, skin and immune system cells.
Calcitriol enhances calcium and phosphorous
absorption and stimulates the synthesis of osteocalcin, an
important structural protein in bone.
Calcitriol is also involved in proper cell differentiation
(changing of cell function), including prostate, breast and
colon cells.
Solray-D has been specifically designed in support of
patients who are working with any form of metabolic toxicity
(e.g., bone loss, cardiac function, cholesterol,menopause, prostate/breast/colon, immune/autoimmune, pathogens, adrenal/thyroid fatigue, CFS, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes).

Cheers to 2011.
Yours in health and wellness,
Deanna Trask RHN,NNCP
In This Issue
Solray D Spray for the Immune System
WOW! Weightloss
WOW! Weightloss Classes starting in January.
 I am now a proud WOW! Weightloss facilitator.  I am so excited to be able to offer this program in Wiarton at Complete Wellness on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm starting Jan. 10 and in Owen Sound at Clark Chiropractic on Thursdays at 7pm starting Jan.12.
Still a few spots left.
This program is completely food and exercise related.  No supplements necessary to get your body back to a healthier way of being.
Please call 519-270-1889 or email
Gift Certificates Available
Looking for a last minute thank you?  Why not a gift certificate good for Reiki, Nutritional Consults, Allergy Screening,
Weightloss classes, Nutritional Supplements, Flower Essences and Sprays.
Don't forget....

Complete Wellness Christmas Open House  4-7 pm Thursday Dec. 15
Berford St. Wiarton

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